The Nashville Diaries: Home to the Outspoken One


Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who has managed to cover a lot of terrain since he landed in town yesterday, are now blogging directly from the very home of Country music: Nashville, Tennessee. The city has one extra appeal to every Taylor Swift fan in the planet. It is the adopted hometown of the Enchantress herself, Taylor Swift. For that and much more it is the undisputed capital of the Taylor Nation. That’s Broadway Avenue by the way.

Things are done a little different here. For me, it started after landing and finding myself at Nashville International Airport, the first thing I hear is an audio recording of Dave Haywood from Lady Antebellum on the speakers reminding me not to forget my bags. After doing that, getting lost on what is actually a very easy place to get around and finding my hotel, I was ready to go exploring.


I started with a place you’ve probably heard from the Outspoken One once or twice, and where she’s being spotted a couple of times. The Fido coffee shop. I strongly recommend the pulled turkey BBQ sandwich on focaccia bread. I was hungry so I may be biased but it tasted heavenly. I may have to go there again.

It’s essentially a coffee place for students, and you will see a lot of the clientele comes from Vanderbilt University (where Story Of Us was filmed).


Fido happens to be in Hillsboro Village, which Taylor also recommends visiting. It’s a small commercial neighborhood with a street lined up with quaint stores that I’m sure the Sparkly Dressed loves to visit. It’s also the home of other sites like Sweet CeCe’s, which is a frozen yogurt place, and Pancake Pantry, which serves breakfast and always has a lineup going out the door. More on that last one in a bit!

You’ve probably heard a few of the places named before. Taylor has been spotted all over the place. I’ve been trying out a few places that Taylor has recommended as well as been seen at before, not necessarily because I expected her to be there but because they’ve been on my mind ever since she has mentioned them.

You’ll find that the city has a lot of tourist attractions on Broadway Street, such as bars which play live music. It’s all Country music for the most part. There’s also a lot to see such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium. The place has a richer history than that, but you will recognize the steps of the Ryman as where she first did an impromptu live performance of a new song called Love Story for the first time ever.

Yes, I know I have a lot to cover. I’ll be sure to keep snapping away and will try to make another blog before the CMA Fest rolls around. When that happens, I might be a little too busy! I’ll either sneak in a blog at night, the morning after or after the show finishes… You know who the closing act is, right? 😀


Coming up in the Calendar!

  • June 7: Speak Now tour in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena. Sold Out.
  • June 8: Speak Now tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bradley Center. Sold Out.
  • June 8: The 2011 CMT Music Awards take place in Nashville, Tennessee. Vote for Taylor!
  • June 9: The CMA Music Festival starts in Nashville, Tennessee.


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  1. Wait taylor is closing the show? Even with this huge inclredible tour?!!! Does she EVER sleep?

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