Review Corner: Liz Huett Don’t LV U Anymore

But she doesn’t lv u any less, Lizettes and Lizard.

The beautiful and talented Liz Huett has a new single out. “Don’t LV U Anymore” is Liz’s second single of 2018. There’s a very quiet and minimalistic feeling to it, with Liz’s soothing voice dominating all throughout. Even when she whispers in the background, she seems to be pulling at the heartstrings.


The lyrics are about heartache, a soured relationship gone awry, but there’s a few lines that feel a little too close to real. “I don’t run to your friends to get them on my side when we fight anymore,” she sings. It’s less corny and more human as depictions of heartbreak stories go. The second verse even talks about playing songs for her ex, a personal note that speaks a lot about how close this song is to Liz.

The lyrical choices of all the singles she’s released are interesting. They’re setting an identity for herself as more of a songwriter/songstress of note. Pop singers are often trying to get that jingle radio-friendly song that makes you want to dance and sticks in your head. Liz seems to be going for more of what the song’s content is made of, both musically and lyrically. She’s taking a risk, she’s not pandering to any particular crowd, and I think she’s going for a more musically seasoned audience.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s seen a few musical seasons, we couldn’t love her anymore for it.

“Don’t LV U Anymore” is available on Apple Music and iTunes now.

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