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You might want to skip this one. It’s very word-y and very critique-y. I made up two new adjectives and I’m very proud of myself now. Sorry, the fun ends there.

Taylor has been facing backlash from critics about her performance on the Grammies. Live performances in front of artists have always been a challenge but even then she’s not gone the easy route. No, no auto-tune and no lip-singing. Yes, she does get nervous on stage when performing in award shows.  You can find excellent live performances in her concerts, in her acoustic sets or whenever she just picks a guitar to sing to fans.

Truth be told, I don’t think the Grammys was a strong performance but don’t ever count the Fearless One out. She’ll prove you wrong every time.

I was glad to find some critiques that offer helpful advice rather than the usual drivel. I’m not going to transcribe word for word. That’s called plagiarism. But I can give you some of the basic ideas in different words. That’s called paraphrasing and I’m doing it to comment and give you my own opinion.

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Take Brian Mansfield‘s excellent article for USA Today. He’s no stranger to Taylor. He once made this excellent playlist that included Butch Walker’s rendition of You Belong With Me. Swifty listened to it and tweeted back to him. Butch Walker ended up being the banjolin player on stage at the Grammys. That was his version you heard.

Going back the article, I have to say I agree that overexposure in the media is a bad thing. It’s good timing that Taylor’s going to perform in Australia and Japan.

“The next time you see her will likely be on the ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards show” said Borchetta. “During that time, we’re going to have a new video, but as far as the talking head of Taylor Swift, that one’s gone into hiding for a little bit, at least on this continent.”

I was also glad that Scott Burchetta has been asked about her TV performances and addressed the question without holding back.

“She’s a very intelligent girl,” said Scott. “She’s going to keep addressing it and keep getting better.”

According to Borchetta, the third album is coming late this year. Constructive criticism is always a positive thing. You can read USA Today the article here.

Here’s Butch Walker’s rendition of You Belong With Me via YouTube from his official channel:

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The next article is by Jon Caramanica for the New York Times. This is a much harsher article, but it has some constructive points. Contrary to most of the media, this article first addresses a new topic: Taylor’s status as the Hollywood outsider. Taylor has been the new kid on the block, and according to the piece she’s no longer one after tonight.  I don’t agree here. I prefer Taylor Swift as the neighbor from Nashville who visits once in a while. I prefer the Fearless One as the eternal outsider rather than the Beverly Hills resident.  Acting in Hollywood is fine. I strongly object to Taylor becoming Hollywood.

I can see why for most Hollywood insiders it makes sense that Taylor starts taking some success for granted, but I believe that T-Swizzle is re-writing the way a career an entertainment business is done. Of course the article, does address the Grammy performance as one of Swifty’s weak points.

Last the article does address the infamous VMA incident in a positive light. It believes it gave Taylor’s persona some depth by giving her something to overcome. I would have to agree halfway, I think it exposed some depth of character to the media, but not necessarily added any. There was some positive criticism in expecting Taylor to grow as an artist in her next album. Although I believe that is unavoidable, I also expect her to keep close to her roots. That is, she is to remain country and as she had said herself she will always have one song for that girl who’s coming home after dealing with a hard day. You can read the New York Times article here.

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The final article comes from LaneyGossip.com. This is the harsher of all three. She definitely didn’t like the performance at all, but does expect better. She still says she loves Taylor but there’s some tough love there when she talks about her gown. I believe it worked. Taylor enjoys being tall now and there was enough risky and downright dangerous gowns during Grammy night.

The article also talks about her usual look of surprise when she wins as a tiresome thing. I’d rather she didn’t expect it all. She’s already said she’s never going to take this for granted and I think she shouldn’t. Whether or not her reaction will change or not time will tell.

Finally we get to the part about the rumors of her love life… I’m going to skip that. You go ahead. Here’s the full article from LaneyGossip.com.

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(Sources: USA Today, Butch Walker via YouTube, New York Times, LaneyGossip.com)