Forever and Always Fearless

Fearless cover
(Source: Big Machine Records)

Two years ago, November 11, 2008, Taylor Swift released what would be the album that would turn her into a headliner. It was Fearless which would make Taylor into an A-lister, and not some silly VMA incident. The proof is in the pudding: the CMT Awards of 2009 gave Fearless the award for best album of the year a long time before Taylor was even invited to the VMA Awards that year.

Back then Taylor Swift defined her personal concept of Fearless. “Fearless is not the absence of the year. Fearless is still being afraid but jumping in anyway.”

Two years might seem like a very young age for an album to be considered a classic,, but Kyle Anderson in his article for MTV newsroom believes there’s really no other way to treat what has become the golden standard that every artists wanted to have.

If you have Taylor’s original self-titled album, Taylor Swift, there’s a one bonus track with the first ever chat of Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. A very young Taylor boldly asks Tim if he’s looking for any opening acts. Tim calls her -wait for it- fearless. Seems so fitting that Tim would be the one to end up giving her the very name of her second album.

The Fearless One should be proud, as we are of her. Back then she turned paparazzi girl as she asked everyone she knew to promote the album. It’s nostalgia time! Remember this?

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  • November 14: Taylor is scheduled to perform at the BBC Radio 1′s Teen Awards.
  • November 16: Speak Now is released on vinyl.
  • November 17: TV appearance on Fuji TV / SmapXSmap Japan TV.
  • November 18: TV appearance on Nippon TV / Zoom In Japan TV.
  • November 21: The American Music Awards are broadcast live on ABC at 8pm Eastern time. The winners will be decided via online voting through and Taylor Swift is nominated for Favorite Female Country Artist. GO VOTE, IT’S THE VERY LAST DAY.

(Sources: MTV newsroom, Big Machine Records)