This ain’t Hollywood this is Nashville, Tennessee. Or is it? And it’s anniversary time.

The CMA Awards have become a very classy act, remaining wholesome and down to earth. Nashville may not be going Hollywood, but Hollywood is certainly going Nashville lately. Although I believe there was glamour before Hollywood came to town, there was added fashion icons to the carpet last night according to Celebrity Mania. However, the good old country humor was present with Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Let’s go to the video!

Okey, so Gwyneth did have to contend with a little bit of humor from the hosts though, but I think it was all in good fun. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood did a great job yet again in setting the mood at the start. Take a look and notice how Brad Paisley does hint at his performance later in the night when he points to everyone and says “This is country music.” Also, notice Caitlin Evanson sitting at the right of the Outspoken One (she is left of her, but that would be Taylor’s right…). I loved Brad poking fun at the members of Lady Antebellum.

(Credit: John Russell / CMA)

I was happy with Carrie bringing up the inevitable reference to Taylor last night. The reference was to Speak Now‘s incredible release week numbers. I truly think there’s no rivalry between them and I wish there wasn’t between Carrie and Taylor fans either.

The Outspoken One’s performance of Back To December got quite a few compliments in the Press Room. If any critics dare bring up flaws in Taylor’s performance, I’d point them to Miranda Lambert’s performance from last night and tell me you don’t find any flaws (yes I did like her performance). Props to Lady Antebellum who were the closest to  flawlessness last night with their amazing rendition of Hello World, but I must say I did love all the performances last night with very few exceptions (cough Kid Rock is rarely my cup of tea cough). You can see Taylor’s performance in our previous blog entry.

You can read more about Taylor’s performance on MTV News. Her reaction (what?) after the performance caused enough stir for USA Today to research it. Their Nashville correspondant, Brian Mansfield, took to Twitter to confirm it officially as well:!/brian_mansfield/status/2551240575680512

Ellen Degeneres employed Kellie Pickler on the red (black) carpet on November 10 to conduct some interviews. The result was pure comedy gold.

And as a final note, yesterday was a year since we first ever published the first entry on this blog ever. Back in November 2009, The Swift Agency first started with the idea of reporting on the Fearless One, Taylor Swift, and her band, The Agency. Now, 353 posts, one acquired domain name and a total of more than a hundred thousand views later, we’re still doing the joke where we say “we” and it’s really just one guy to blog it all. To all our readers, and everyone who follows us in Twitter and Facebook, thanks for reading! 🙂

(Sources: Grand American Country, Celebrity Mania, MTV News, USA Today, The Ellen Degeneres Show via YouTube)

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  1. And it has been an outstanding year for your Swift Agency blog with it being recognized by one of the TV documentaries as a leading fan website – good job!

    …and a good point about Taylor and Carrie getting along fine together! They go to hockey games together and treat each other with respect at all times.

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