RED Tour Talk: The VIP Packages


Hello Taylor Nation,

The Red Tour is coming, and the first presales are announced officially starting November 11. There’s a new thing this tour called the VIP Packages. As much controversy they caused when first discovered among the Ticketmaster sales and presales dates, the VIP packages DO NOT include Meets and Greets, but exclusively merch and venue bonuses.

This is the official information comes from

OFFER 1: The RED Ultimate Experience

One Incredible Top Price Reserved Floor Ticket in the First Twenty (20) Rows*

One Autographed Copy of ‘Red’ – Taylor Swift’s Fourth Studio Album

One Entry Into the Official Preshow VIP Party, Which Includes:

  • Separate Preshow VIP Lounge – Let’s Have a Blast Before the Show!
  • Food & Drinks Galore – Expect All of Your Favorite Foods and Drinks**
  • Don’t Forget the Sweets – A Fantasy World of Sweet Creations Awaits You
  • Preshow Prizes & Giveaways – Includes Memorabilia & Limited Edition Items (Subject to Availability)
  • On-site VIP Paparazzi to Capture the Preshow Action & Moments
  • Access to Secure On-Line VIP Site Where You Can Download Preshow Images for Free
  • Preshow Party Music Playing Your Favorite Taylor Swift Hits and More
  • Dedicated On-Site VIP Preshow Host

Exclusive On-Site VIP Perks

  • VIP Priority Check-In*** (Where Available)
  • Separate VIP Entrance*** (Where Available) o VIP Customer Service Hotline

One Premium Taylor Swift VIP Gift Bag

  • Created Exclusively for Taylor Swift VIP Package Purchasers
  • Gift Bag Also Contains One Commemorative VIP Laminate & Matching Lanyard

* Please note venue seating configurations may vary market-by-market
** Preshow VIP Party includes complimentary selection of foods and Non-Alcoholic beverages.
*** VIP Priority Check-In & Separate Entrance may not be available in all markets due to restrictions

OFFER 2: The RED Bonus Package

One Amazing Top Price Reserved Ticket in the Lower Level

One Premium Taylor Swift VIP Gift Bag Created Exclusively for Taylor Swift VIP Package Purchasers.

Gift Bag Also Contains One Commemorative VIP Laminate & Matching Lanyard

Tour Talk is my feature about concert dates coming up, with emphasis on sale and presale dates. However, there are some limitations here. I am not, by any extent, an official source of tour information. You can get official information at I compile the information for convenience, but it is subject to changes at any time by the official sources without warning. I don’t reveal presale codes. Like, ever. Whoever starts asking for them or announcing them on the comments gets a visit from the Ninja Department. I also don’t know the date and time in which presale emails will go out. Whenever possible, I’ll let you know but from previous experience they come out so close to the presale date that you should not rely on my announcement and check your emails instead. I will not add any presale/sale information for the VIP Packages.

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16 thoughts on “RED Tour Talk: The VIP Packages

  1. RD

    i signed up for presale, but haven’t gotten a code yet. have they been sent out? since the tickets go on sale on sunday?

    1. RD

      i wasn’t asking for the code. i just didn’t know if they’d been sent out. I missed the code on the speak now tour and missed out so really don’t want to miss out this time around!

    1. T

      I had the code, but still was not able to purchase tickets. I will have one sad 8 year old unless I can get her tickets for the Foxboro show. Maybe we will luck out when the Tix officially go on Sale this Sat.

      1. The Editor

        This is what usually happens to me as well. Ticketmaster becomes really, really busy or the only seats left are in the nosebleed section.

  2. L

    Do you know how far in advance the pre-sale codes are sent out? I want to buy the San Diego tickets on Tuesday but still haven’t received anything 😦 Thank you!

    1. The Editor

      You can’t buy one. You win one. The method varies, actually. None of them are 100% proof.

      • Local radio stations contests in your city.
      • Her tour managers will check on the fans waiting outside the venue. If you are excited enough, someone might approach you and give you one. Be aware you can’t ask for one, someone will approach you not the other way around.

      There’s no proven way to get a meet and greet, it’s up to the organizers every time and they decide how to give them out.

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