Far Away from Here: Liz Huett’s new video premiere!

Hello Lizzettes and Lizards.

The beautiful and talented Liz Huett has released her new music video for her latest track, “Far Away from Here”. The ambiance is rather subtle, with minimal interaction with other people. The theme is definitely introspective and the song can easily relate to our modern times. You can relate to it as a person who wants to leave what their life has become or to a person who regrets becoming something they’ve never planned to be. Either way, it feels like a wish and a hope for better days to come.

The video was directed by Jacobie Gray. The song is now out on Spotify. As much as I wish Liz all the success in the world, I hope she’s safe and sound first. I hope for that full album release one of these days, but only when she’s ready and willing.

On other news, One World: Together At Home starts with a six-hour non-televised portion that will stream online only first. Taylor has been announced to appear during the 2-hour main broadcasted portion at 8pm Eastern Time. Given the giant roster, we’re expecting an appearance and hopefully a performance, although it should be probably a short one.

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(Sources: Liz Huett via YouTube/Twitter. Featured Image: Liz Huett)