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The SNL weekend! I should really comment on that before tonight. I loved seeing The Agency along with Taylor. There was a small glimpse before the first musical number where you could see Liz dancing with… I think it was Amos (but it could be Grant) as Caitlin and Paul looked on and laughed away.  Caitlin is wearing a lot more skirts these days.  Is Taylor rubbing off on her?

Oh yeah, the show 🙂 heh. Sorry.

© NBC Photo: Dana Edelson
© NBC Photo: Dana Edelson

Some news sources say Taylor brought her A-game to SNL last weekend.  Others say it was more of an insipid attempt at comedy.  How can opinions be so diverse?

Personally, I saw this show.  The opening monologue song was both funny and cute.  I didn’t care much for the View segment. This was as far as some bloggers commented, and to be honest it’s hardly fair.  Taylor was doing an impersonation of  Kate Gosselin who can’t act in front of the camera, on purpose.  The entertainment show skit was better.

If that’s all you saw, you saw nothing.

The teenager driving skit was good.  Taylor really made an effort there.  The wedding skit with Wiig’s Penelope character was great.  Serious props to Taylor on that one.  The scared straight skit was great as well, I just wanted Taylor to have more lines (her crazy eyes look was cracking me up, and even the performers could not keep a straight face at the end). The roommates skit was hilarious.  I totally bought both her comedic and acting skills on that one.  Best skit of the night.  The Shakira impersonation at the end was a bonus.  She nailed that one.  Overall, very positive with lots of highs.

Now the singing.  I know the criticism here.  Taylor has no range, she sings in monotone, she can’t carry a tune, she’s not a good live singer, blah, blah.

Taylor can sing.  I’m not saying she’s the ultimate singer in the planet.  But she has a good range and did a great job of singing live at SNL.  She deserves the applause.

What amazed me afterwards was the discordant criticism.  The monologue got the most press.  Why isn’t she over Joe?  Why isn’t he over the other thing? It’s. A. Joke.  She mentioned those two incidents and SNL made no skits about them, remember? A jab and we’re in the show.  She didn’t insult Joe or… that guy, go back and look it up. There’s nothing more to say, everything’s ok.  It was a very classy “let’s get this out of the way and move on”.  I think she had input into the skits, but not necessarily was she calling the shots there.  The monologue, definitely Taylor.  Good job, girl.

Tonight, CMA awards. Yes, I am watching.

(Source: NBC, Saturday Night Live)