What we came for: Taylor Swift at the Circuit of the Americas!

Remember when you hit the brakes too soon, Taylor Nation?

(Source: @TaylorNation13)
(Source: @TaylorNation13)

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who does not condone irresponsible driving, we hope everyone drove carefully and left the racing to the race track. As for the ninjas and me, we spent it at home and watching the social networks for details. My thanks to @TSwiftNZ, @TSwiftOnTour, @Enchanted2MeetU and @901Music for keeping us up to date. There’s one advantage I can’t deny when Taylor hits a smaller stage, and that’s the fact that the Agency (Taylor Swift’s band, this blog is named after them, long story) gets a lot closer. It does also imply there’s no dance crew.

Here’s the set list if you’re curious:

  • Blank Space
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Style
  • You Belong With Me
  • Fifteen
  • Holy Ground
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/Bad Blood
  • Love Story (1989 Tour version)
  • This Is What You Came For
  • Sparks Fly
  • Enchanted/Wildest Dreams
  • Out Of The Woods
  • Shake It Off

The Enchantress took the stage at around 7:30pm to start a show transitioning through a set list that included most if not all her greatest hits. Obvious omission from the list is “All Too Well” which was replaced with “This Is What You Came For”, the single written with Calvin Harris.

This is what [we] came for #taylorswift #cota #usgrandprix

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Up next! 2017? Yes, seems we’re not getting any more Swift in this year’s calendar.

(Sources: @TSwiftNZ@TSwiftOnTour@Enchanted2MeetU@901Music)

Elizabeth Huett in concert! Liz takes the stage at Temecula, CA

The album is coming, Lizettes and Lizards.

(Photo: Jencita Vargas for Variety Beat)
(Photo: Jencita Vargas for Variety Beat)

The beautiful and talented Elizabeth Huett performed at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula, California this past Friday June 24. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s been following this girl since she used to sing background vocals for Taylor Swift, we really wished we could’ve been there. According to Variety Beat, she put on a great show and was very open with the audience. I’m sending a most grateful shoutout to Variety Beat’s Jencita for all the pictures from the event! I’ve selected this one because it’s the one Liz chose herself.

You probably remember Liz has signed with Interscope Records and she has been working on her first album. Back during my interview with Liz in June 2015,  she revealed it would probably be an EP. That could’ve changed since she signed with Interscope, so I’m curious about her new songs. That being said, we still don’t have a date. Perhaps the end of summer.

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(Sources: Variety Beat)


Happy Birthday Liz! Elizabeth Huett will play in Temecula, CA on June 24th

Hello Lizettes and Lizards!


Here at The Swift Agency, just one guy on assignment in New York because it’s waiting for you, we’re really just on vacation. The beautiful and talented Elizabeth Huett is celebrating her birthday today, May 27! On top of that she will be performing at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula, California on June 24. If you are able to go, please tell me all about it 🙂

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Beyond The Agency: Caitlin Evanson’s wedding pictures! Congratulations, Cait! :)

And she said yes, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who is finicky about posting personal stuff, we always prefer to be sure that things are public before posting. We had seen a picture reveal from Mr. Grant Mickelson, former guitar player for the Agency, but we decided to wait until Caitlin herself posted her own. The Agency’s former fiddle player Caitlin Evanson got married last Saturday, May 14, 2016. She hasn’t mention her groom, so I’m not mentioning him either. Yes, I’m that careful with privacy. This is only what she shared and nothing more.

(Source: Caitlin Evanson via Instagram)
(Source: Caitlin Evanson via Instagram)

On Saturday, there was a spark from heaven. It fell onto an ocean breeze and floated across the pacific and onto a green lawn full of kindred souls. Dear friends and lifelong loving family. How lucky am I, to be sent a love that lifts me higher than myself and challenges me to grow and embrace kindness and peace? I married a man who helped me find my deepest and best self again, even though we had only just met. “How can that happen?!”, I used to ask myself. Eventually I gave up on finding an answer for that and just let him pursue my heart and take my hand. This was the best and most peaceful and euphoric moment of my life. This week, I find myself wanting to save every piece of wrapping paper, every single hand-made party favor and mismatched drinking glass forever and ever. I finally understand what it is to love.

Caitlin Evanson, via Instagram

And in case you want to see it, here’s BFF Grant’s pic with the happy bride and former bandmate. Long live.

Up next, the Billboard Music Awards. And yes, Taylor is still on her break.

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  • May 22: The Billboard Music Awards are broadcast LIVE at 8pm ET on ABC from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taylor Swift is nominated for eight awards.
  • October 22: Taylor Swift headlines a special concert at the Formula 1 US Grand Prix. Click here for more information.

(Sources: Caitlin Evanson via Instagram)

This Just In: Elizabeth Huett signs with Interscope Records! :)

You never know, Lizettes and Lizards.

(Photo: Sarah Barlow)
(Photo: Sarah Barlow)

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s being sick on a rainy day, we were all gloom and doom until we woke up to the good news. Elizabeth Huett has signed up with Interscope Records.

The reason this news is a direct shot to the heart is that she intends to release some music. That means she’s been working on some tunes and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store. Hopefully in a store that’s online so that certain international fans (ahem, Canada here) might have access to it. No, we have no clue how soon that will be.

We can’t wait either 🙂

On other news, reports are coming in that Taylor Swift is expected to attend the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards this Sunday. No word on her being a presenter or a possible performance. I’m aware there’s a rumour regarding the debut of the “New Romantics” video, but there’s zero official word on that yet.

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  • April 3:  Taylor Swift is nominated for the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards for Song of the Year for “Blank Space”, Female Artist of the Year, Album of the Year for 1989, Best Tour of the Year for The 1989 World Tour, Best Collaboration for “Bad Blood”, Best Meme-able Moment for “Blank Space”, Best Fan Army for #Swifties and Best Cover Song for Alessia Cara Covering Taylor Swift.
  • April 6: Tickets are on sale for a special concert where Taylor Swift is the headlining act at the Formula 1 US Grand Prix on October 22, 2016Click here for more information.

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