Review Corner: Liz Huett’s Nothing Personal

Excuse me if I take it personally, Lizettes and Lizards.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s one claim to fame has been interviewing the beautiful and talented Liz Huett, we’re thrilled to listen to her new single, Nothing Personal. I really hope this one gets a video as well, but so far, I’m just loving how she’s evolving her style. Her music definitely has strong undercurrents of classic rock, specially Tom Petty. Her non-apologetic lyrics have no filter, which makes me happy that Liz is working with a team that allows her to be herself and develop her craft.

Yes, we want a video! Liz gets to decide how and when that comes along of course. Liz Huett is signed to Interscope Records. You can get her latest single, Nothing Personal, on all major online music retailers here.

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