2012 MTV EMA: The Princess in Red wins Best Female, Best Look and Best Live!

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Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who’s still cheering (Weee-EEE), we want to congratulate the Sparkly Dressed on her three awards at the 2012 MTV EMA for:

  • Best Female Artist
  • Best Live Act
  • Best Look

We’re glad she’s getting some recognition for her work from Red via the votes of her devoted fans. The name is Nation. Taylor Nation. Swifties if you’re nasty. Yeah, she thanked her fans for the win as well as Germany and said she hopes to return real soon (minus her cold we hope)

She also put a large production for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together with Amos Heller acting as a magician with a mean-looking moustache (no, Amos is not the Mean guy). After putting Backup Singer Clare Turton in a box. A little hocus pocus and we get the Enchantress in a full sparkly red ringleader getup. Then there was sparkles and a cake-like carousel and… Seriously it was hard to notice she had a cold. That’s the show. Thanks for reading! Bye.

Just kidding, like you’re going to let me get away with not posting a clip. Let’s go to the video! Update: Viacom has taken down all copies, so all I have is fan footage.

Watch on YouTube

And here’s an interview on the red carpet:

Watch on Vimeo

Thanks to ohsoswiftly and taylorswiftarchives for posting!

MTV USA has announced it will air the show on MTV at 11pm ET. Please check your local listings, I have no idea why it is so late.

MTV Canada is announcing it for 8pm ET / 5pm PT but it will air on MuchMusic instead.

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