They got talent: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform Everything Has Changed live!

All I know since yesterday, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s had a very active and eventful week in Nashville, we’re kinda looking for the time to blog but again… Nashville is out there, and I’ve gotten a lot of things done. More diaries when time allows.

The Sparkly Dressed and Ed Sheeran played on the live finale of Britain’s Got Talent in the UK tonight, June 8. Sorry, but it doesn’t play embedded. You will have to see it on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to TaylorSwiftArchiveII for posting and for this screenshot below.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform on the finale of Britain's Got Talent - 2013-06-08
(Source: ITV)

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(Source: Britain’s Got Talent)