Say What You Wanna Say: Sara Bareilles’ Brave gets its own SNL skit

Honestly, I wanna see you get a song parody in SNL.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who does have other artists that he looks up to besides the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar, we were really laughing it up during NBC’s Saturday Night Live pre-recorded sketch. SNL chose to make a music video parody using Sara Bareilles’ hit song “Brave”. The inspirational tune was used to break down the ultimate social barrier: when you just want to tell someone off because of some awkward reason. And believe me, this resonates with me for sure. Then again, don’t take it too seriously, ok?

Note: If you are not in the US, use this YouTube link instead.

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The host was Dakota Johnson (2015/02/28), who stars in the movie 50 Shades of Grey. The movie is about errr… I’m gonna not do this. And I’m gonna go away now.

(Source: NBC's Saturday Night Live)
(Source: NBC’s Saturday Night Live)

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(Sources: NBC’s Saturday Night Live)