The rep tour opens in Glendale, AZ: The setlist and other spoilers

Ssspoilersss lie ahead, Taylor Nation.

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Taylor Swift.

She once was country, then she reinvented herself as pop. Now old Taylor Swift has faced ridicule and shame over a half truth that supposedly “killed” her image of innocent pop princess and she’s come back bearing the snake as a badge. I have some reservations on whether that badge is even relevant at this point. There was certainly enough songs from previous eras to throw away the idea that Taylor needs to shed any of her past. However, she has certainly evolved.

She’s also joined Cobra from G.I. Joe apparently. Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes. Be prepare to see a lot of them on the rep tour.

Random rant: the fact that we’re not supposed to capitalize the word “rep” is giving the grammar cop in me anxiety issues.

Let’s start with what everyone is going crazy about: the setlist. Take a look at this thing. Not in a million years would I have expected “Long Live” to make it back in. I also had resigned myself to never hear a live rendition of “All Too Well”. This is a fan’s dream playlist.

  1. … Ready For It?
  2. I Did Something Bad
  3. Gorgeous
  4. Style
  5. Love Story / You Belong With Me
  6. Look What You Made Me Do
  7. End Game
  8. King of My Heart
  9. Call It What You Want
  10. Delicate
  11. Shake It Off (featuring Camila Cabello and Charli XCX)
  12. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  13. All Too Well (Guitar)
  14. Blank Space
  15. Dress
  16. Bad Blood / Should Have Said No
  17. Don’t Blame Me
  18. Long Live / New York’s Day (Piano)
  19. Getaway Car
  20. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The meshes are simply a work of love and care. How do you bring back a classic song and make it new and relevant again? You mesh it. “Love Story” turning into “You Belong With Me” was sweet. The infamous “Bad Blood” turning into “Should Have Said No” lends a second life to both songs. But the stadium hymn “Long Live” becoming the quiet “New York’s Day” on the piano was a work of art. I didn’t see that coming.

Neither did I imagine the closer, but holy crap does it fit. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” turning into “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” not only brings together the two screaming sing-a-longs but also melds the songs with the longest titles that Taylor has ever written (so far).

There are some wildcards in there.¬† “All Too Well” might be replaced at some point, but hopefully remains in the rotation. Guess the same could go for the piano mesh, but I’d really like to hear this playlist as is. More than two hours? Considering she’s fit 20 songs and four of them are meshes, this bring up the count to a whopping 24 songs per concert.

So, do you want to see what the concert is like? I’m going to leave it up to you. You decide if you want to watch below.

No, obviously it’s not cool to give away¬†every spoiler from last night. Let’s leave some for the next concert. Yes, I know you know about the thing with the other thing during the thing.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • May 8:¬†Taylor Swift‚Äôs reputation Stadium Tour begins in Glendale, AZ.
  • May 11 & 12:¬†Levi‚Äôs Stadium. Santa Clara, CA.
  • May 18 & 19:¬†Rose Bowl. Pasadena, CA.
  • May 22:¬†CenturyLink Field. Seattle, WA.
  • May 25:¬†Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver, CO.
  • May 27:¬†Taylor headlines¬†BBC Music‚Äôs Biggest Weekend¬†in Swansea, Wales.

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