Is it cool that I said all that, Taylor Nation?

Here at the Swift Agency, just another guy who lives in the North Pole Canada, we’re still reeling from the begging of the Rep Era. So, what did we get this week?

  • Update! Taylor’s sixth studio album, reputation (which all promos keep in lowercase) sold 1.216 million copies in the first week! Debuting at the top stop of the Billboard 200, it’s the best selling album of 2017 according to Billboard.
  • The album came out on November 10, 2017 meaning it’s not going to be eligible for the award season just starting right now. Perhaps some nominations might befall the first singles of the album, but we’ll have to wait a year for the album to be eligible.
  • The tour has been announced. It’s officially called Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour. I’ve already ranted about the possibility this might be a stadium-only tour.
  • If you are interested in pre-sales, you should make an account on Taylor Swift Tix if you haven’t already. You have until November 28. If you do, your pre-sale dates are scheduled between December 5 and December 8. Remember all this information is subject to change, so keep checking and Ticketmaster.
  • The American Music Awards are happening right now. Taylor didn’t have any nominations, but she made a brief video appearance as part of a salute to Diana Ross.
  • Our favorite Partner in Crime, the inimitable Liz Huett, has a released a new music video for h8u. I promise you’ll love it.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • November 28: The account creation for Taylor Swift Tix closes at 12pm Eastern Time.

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